[sticky post]Perseverance Seldom Fails! Day 30!

Written on November 30th 2012


Today marks the culmination of 30 days of change. I feel as though it was an effort well spent and 30 days well worth it. My celebration indeed were two fold; a celebration of effort on the 30 day challenge and  celebration of my country’s independence. I will say that Independence  celebrations was the more overwhelming.


CONKIEEEEEEEES! So it’s Independence day in Barbados. CONKIESSSSSSSS! The people of pride and industry was in full force as many persons could be seen wearing bright shirts of gold with the Barbados flag on the right side: over the heart.  For me, if was the counter argument for those who believe that the age of technology does nothing positive for  people of developing states. Barbadians have fully embraced the notion of “repping” and applied it to their own island and culture. Traditionally, these shirts were worn by school children on the last day before Independence and persons who were simply going on their way were to be seen sporting these shirts.

One of the high points of the day and thus the title of this article surrounds conkies! That’s right, on the last day of November I was fortunate to have not 1 but 3 conkies. They tasted like the blessings they were and went down like the last bottle of water I had just a few moments ago.

After craving them for a few days, and being worried that I won’t taste any for the independence season, I asked, sought them out and received (mini life lesson) .

I was also fortunate to be able to travel with my dad and get some history lessons about the landscape of my island. Most of them were personal. He told me stories of my childhood and the people we knew. “How you don’t know people that come to your house?” was one of his more memorable phrases of the day. We travelled from the south to the north of the island and even though we were far away he was able to tell me about some of the buildings that are now derelict. The oral history of our island is rich and lives within those who are very willing to let us know. I felt very fortunate for this opportunity on the other hand I was also a bit sad about the proper preservation of this information. Today, there are buildings and spaces whose historic importance are undocumented and each day this situation creates a crack of knowledge.

Alexandra sign

For example, there is building I know as an informal art gallery that my father pointed out as a pharmacy. On the building which is not in the best of conditions, there is a sign from the Barbados National Trust as a building of significant architecture.  Another building that is locally popular as a place of fine dining has a plaque demarcating it as the first site of the Alexandra Secondary School.

My day seemed eventful for the life in my own way but there were several events today that will render significant media coverage. ZumbaThe independence parade at the Garrison Savannah and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre ending his public appearances on the island. However, I caught a glimpse of neither of those but on my way home I did hear music in an unfamiliar part of Oistins and was a witness to the fantastic time patrons to the zumba session were having.

In all it was a fantastic way to end a great month. Happy Independence Barbados!


Home stretch!

It’s been 25 days into the challenge and I really cannot believe it. Where has the time gone? I know exactly how it was spent and I am eager to share that with you. Firstly, I am happy to say that my days have not been all spent agonising over my email inbox. Sending out official communication can be the link that connects all my days into an endless flow of worry. I am happy to say that this month, it has not.

The incredible

In one month, when it’s time for me to look back on two and a half decades of existence, I will call to the month of November for inspiration and realise that I did some amazing things. I did make a point to go beyond my comfort zone. Some of them were instantly rewarding and some of them more fit into the grand scheme of life as lesson. Recently, I have learnt how to see how each moment of my life, each interaction shapes the future. So from me admitting to some one that I look up to them to the unexpected moments of truths, I am learning to grow.

Growing up and Settling Down

Maybe the world is tired of my ideas of perfection. I have seen how not being guaranteed perfection stops me from doing much. I have also seen that I disregard any attempt that was not to my mind credible. However, this month’s challenges have shown me how not to settle, but appreciate what I do. In other words, there is nothing wrong with aiming for better but rather, to appreciate that I made the effort. Realistically, as much as I would like to focus on those things that I have not accomplished in this month I have to appreciate the ones that I finally got done. How long has it been since I have aimed to drink water consistently? The answer is: many years. Now it is a habit I do not think about. Regardless of whether I will drop this habit come December 1st or not shows me that I can achieve anything that was perceived to be impossible by using this technique. This is a good feeling.

I hope from reading this that I passed on this good feeling to you.

Weird Interviews - Bad News

I have had several bad interview experiences of which I wish to share in hopes of expert feedback. When I think back to post-recession days, I form the opinion that in this period, there was a surplus of jobs verses people who were capable/ willing to do them. This lead to things like more opportunities for on the job training, internships, part time jobs and relevant income earning activities.  More recently, there has been a shift which shows a surplus in unemployed candidates verses jobs available. It is because of this observation that the question of employment standards needs to be raised and hopefully addressed.


The worst telephone interview ever

A job interview is typically a reply from a potential employer seeking further correspondence from a potential employee. It is usually an arranged face to face meeting but  it can be over the telephone or a multimedia correspondence over the internet. Regardless of how the meeting is organised it is usually conducted in polite, professional tone usually leaving no significant negative feelings between employer or employee. In a discussion today, I have realised that I have had some fairly interesting and downright unusual interviews. I am sharing some of my worst experiences in hopes to receive some advice and general feedback.

On one particularly bright day I received a call from a lady who possessed no noticeably firm voice. She politely asked me to verify that I was the person who sent the application and then asked if it was convenient to do an interview over the telephone which I consented to. After what seemed like less than one minute went by I answered a few basic questions on my age and education status. It was at this time that her voice had quickly become firmer; I interpreted this as being more relaxed. I maintained the same cordial disposition which I started the conversation. I was excited at the prospect of being offered a job even though it would have been something that others in my experience would not consider relevant. The conversation progressed for what seemed like less than a minute when I was asked the question: ‘have you ever had a full time job?’ To which I replied, ‘yes.’ She then made another specific question to my employment. I tried to point out that my tertiary studies would be the reason for my lack of a full time job. It was at this point the woman became very aggressive and bellowed through the phone demanding a yes or no. My answer was no. Without another word, she slammed down the telephone.

Another unforgettable experience gave me an introduction to multiple interview process. With this particular organisation, my first interview went smoothly. Although the response was not the one I hoped for, it was clear from the interview that there were unforeseen time constraints and deadlines. Therefore, we were both in mutually good spirits with an understanding of each other’s direction. I was encouraged to contact this organisation again should my situation change. A few months after, it did. So one email and a phone call later, I found myself in this the lobby of my potential employer. On my first occasion, an error with my smart phone and a miscalculation of the traffic on the road caused me to be there almost one hour early (I use public transportation). On this occasion, I arrived half an hour early to the interview and was told that my interviewer (and I will never forget this) “has gone to lunch because he expected me to be earlier.” In polite shock I composed my slack jaw to ask whether I got the time wrong. The receptionist assured me I did not and ushered me to a seat.

The interview itself was also filled with firsts.

This interview, as I have told those close to me, was the first time I was interviewed by a male who was young enough (and other preferences) for me to find him attractive. To his credit, the multitasking my brain had to do probably did not help my responses to be the most exceptional. Also, the fact that I was visibly sick may have irritated him a bit. After the usual pleasantries and interview questions he was indeed very blunt and matter a fact with his musings. It was the epitome of a professional insults said in the most demeaning tone. I did not flinch, I continued to sell myself as an ideal and experienced candidate for the role. The interviewer was indeed impressed with my response, commending me for being the first person to withstand this particular part of the interview. I felt a bit guilty because I used his moment of drama to mentally drool. So the half smile that accompanied my ‘thank you’ may have been for the compliment or the thoughts I secretly got away with.

I left the interview and had a great day. One week later I was called to be told that I did not receive the job however the same interviewer would like to interview me for another vacancy in the firm. Unfortunately, I was low on funds that day and had no perceivable way to make the interview within a few hours of the call. Apparently, the lady was not too fond of the fact that I politely asked for another day to be interviewed and eventually said bluntly to me, “you want the job or not?” To which, I realised my only other option was to decline.

And I wish that was the time of the interview for being a stripper...

A good write up on a vacancy can do wonders. I do not remember what the particulars were but I remember the job entailed co-ordinating entertainment for young persons. For some reason, I ignored the fact that there was only a name and a phone number to call. The phone call was light and cheery and even though I made the point that I was not at home and not prepared for an interview (as I was involved in one of my volunteer capacities) the interviewer encouraged me to come to an interview as soon as my volunteering was done.

On arrival to the site in question, the first thing I noticed was that it was a site of ongoing construction. The men stared as I searched for the door as it was described to me on the telephone and recognised the door when a lady came out of it. The silent gaping of the men went unnoticed as I made a mental note of a woman with average bust with too much cleavage showing. It looked unprofessional and it repulsed me but it comforted me to know that I was not the worst dressed for the interview. When I entered the unpainted and otherwise unfinished room the interviewer made an odd pause before running through the usual interview pleasantries. He apologised for the state of the room and while doing so, I interpreted his shock and unease as some form of tiredness. (Clearly, I assume the best in everyone I meet). However, the constant drill of the construction equipment supported the idea of fatigue. For the time that I was there it definitely took a toll on me and I could not imagine what it was like to be there all day.

This was not a normal interview, but my final clue was after.  After leaving the interview which took and 35% of the interview time to talk about what the job actually entailed the interviewer suggested that I write up a proposal and submit it to him. The tone of the conversation lead me to go along with it. It was outside of the meeting room where I considered asking for an email address and so I paused to consider turning around. It was as this time I felt the same construction workers staring at me. What he thought was a soft comment was not. I could feel the stares in my back emphasising I had only a second ago caught in the corner of my eye. Almost blending in with the drill of the jackhammer I heard the words that broke the silence of the men.

“Man she doan look like nuh strippa.”

On another sexual note.

Have you ever been a situation with your significant other where you mused about “interviewing” one another for a “job?” Then these two accounts are probably why such suggestions do not win attraction points for anyone who suggests it to me.

Previously, my standard line to be interviewed would be at some place of business, even if the building is changing hands and undergoing construction. One night in question, after overhearing about and asking to join an interview I found myself behind the clouds that blocked the fading sun. I was being greeted by my interviewer, at the interviewer’s house. The interviewer in question seemed very comfortable wearing a vest and an exercise shorts because of the heat of the evening. Traditionally, Barbadians do not consider 6pm to be humid especially in the windy area of said residence, however, I allowed it. Someone presenting an opportunity to work with one of the major financial institutions of the region (and maybe the world) could be afforded a few liberties such as inappropriate attire, sweaty appearance...and a messy workspace.

Aside from being interviewed after hours at an inappropriate location, there were other hints that brought to mind being arrested for fraud. I would have been excused from not knowing. It was a short time between asking to join the interview and the interview so even though I would have not been expected to know much in the first meeting, research would have been required for the next one. Using the information given, I discovered that one online address my potential employer gave me was an unconstructed wordpress blog with a paid domain. Ever the optimist, I just assumed that the interviewer was cheap. The website was simply a reflection of the person. Nothing more, right? The fact that this was someone in a supervisory position in an organisation whose clients are one of the regions’ largest financial institutions was not important because this was simply a reflection of the person. However, when both organisations would have had to review and discuss the documents that were important for the job and these instruments still consist of blaring typos, this self publishing blogger knew better than to find another excuse for that.

These experiences lead me to question the extent to which potential employers have a standard of quality that they owe to their potential employees. In the world of business, there are businesses known for their quality service and quality products and some who are known for exactly the opposite. It therefore should come as no surprise that such reputations can trickle down into every aspect of the business. Another piece to consider would be that all individuals may not be a micro representation of the business that their individual interactions can leave a lasting impression that should be given less credit than they are. It is also possible that these incidences are perfect examples of me thinking the best of situations which really are not acceptable. What are your thoughts?

In the mid month Challenge update

When I first started these challenges, I had a vision of making a blog post everyday. I thought that mystically I would find time before falling asleep to report all about my day. To be honest, these challenges have given me so much to think about in my own life that I would prefer to keep some of my confused and honest thinking away from people who are unfamiliar with my comfortable thought process.

The not so good news

There is an alleged snake on the loose nearby. Do you really think I want to venture into an area with underbrush these days? The good news is, recently my brother took the mantle and did a bit of cleaning in the area (no doubt to inspire me to finish). Maybe, I will work on that next week.

I was under the weather for a few days and this had put a halt on the random challenges. Since my recovery I have not resumed them. Random challenges were designed to add some fun and inspiring activity to and ordinary day. Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with an ordinary day for some time and so I have not been able to do that since the 8th of this month.

Do I feel bad? Answer is...

The good news about this challenge

No, I do not feel badly. It helped me to recognise the purpose of the random challenges and use them accordingly. For that I am grateful. So often in life we do things and it becomes so habitual that we cannot imagine altering life to suit the situation we are presented. In these cases it seems like either a pass or fail. Life is not a past or fail situation it is about finding alternative solutions.

Watch your thoughts they say...

One of the most surprising things about this challenge is that regardless of what, I am now very comfortable with consuming 16oz of water per day. This may seem so little compared to other persons but considering that I was very comfortable consuming none – this is a feat of astronomical proportions.

Also, my attitude towards my hair has improved. I am now very determined to having it look socially acceptable each and every day. It is not left to air dry for days on end and interestingly, many people have been commenting on its length. As my replacement hairdresser, I cannot see the difference but I cannot wait to see what Sherry says about the job I have been doing to keep it moisturised and retain length! Eek!

Random Challenges - First update

The random challenges are worthy of a note for themselves.

Late Wednesday night, I printed more than twenty challenges and handwrote almost ten. These were placed into a small green handbag. Each morning around eight o’clock, I choose one from the bag. This challenge will last me and entire day. Today is the 4th of October. Let’s look at what has been chosen so far.


Nov. 1

Be Nice, Very nice

I placed this in the bag after a friend suggested that I choose today to be nice. To be honest, I forgot all about the challenge today but looking back, I do not remember one instance of where I was not nice. As I told him, I would be in a professional mode while participating in various volunteer activities and so being mean would not even surface. However, it did not take very long for my random challenge to slide away. Many things in my personal life upset me and unlike my professional face, which is aegis by infinite understanding of my position as an employee, my perspective as an individual goes beyond recognising inconsistencies but also speaking out on them. To not speak out, to not give value to the emotions that that generates, was something that I fought with for the entire day. I also could not help but remember the psychological theory that Derren Brown put forward. In the videos available on youtube, he proves that even the world’s best fail when reverse psychology is placed on them. So someone who is told to not do something will eventually do it because concentrating on not committing an act actually places in your mind on the act in question and therefore it may not manifest itself as an overt desire but rather a subconscious action.

Nov. 2nd

Be childish, do one childish thing.

This seems to be a great challenge and something that I could not possibly have failed right? WRONG!! In my head, I wanted to go jump on my bed until I laughed, take a shower from head to toe in the clothes I was wearing, run around in the rain (granted, there was no rainfall) or simply take out my teddy bears and say hello. There is also the very entertaining possibility of misusing makeup...don’t ask. However, between seeking to close the widening gap of my namo writing challenge and all the new ones I have set for myself, I had no time for a break.

Although by measure I cannot say I have completed this challenge favourably, it has taught me that I am more disciplined than I am willing to admit. This pleases me!

Nov. 3rd

No facebook, no skype

It is one minute to one o’clock on the fourth of November and I am pleased to say that I have not been on skype or facebook. One might think that my busy day helped to keep me away from these things but I disagree. At home, there are many more distractions to keep me away from these things. I have Namo challenge as well as several articles to complete. I could comfortably spend all my waking hours playing The Sims. I could read one of the few books I have not finished. There are so many things I could do to avoid these things at home. However, the lull time when working an event is the ideal time to go on facebook or skype. This is the time you feel the most useless and irrelevant. Therefore, instant messaging and social networking would be a great way to whatever the psychologist come up with. However, I have made it. And I am proud.


After a long and exhausting day that started around 6AM,, I am yet to go to sleep. Be assured that I will do that as soon as this article is posted. What challenge will tomorrow hold? I do not know. However, I hope that whatever it is, it can help me to be a better person and with that, I look forward to it.

The end of day, 1...2...3

It’s the end of day 3 and I am now making an official report on my journey into Trying something new for 30 days, or as I like to call it, the 30 day challenge.

How has it been so far?

Interesting. Yes, that is my word for most things and it also doubles as my politically correct phrase. However in this case it is the honest truth. I can report several beautiful things. My kidneys probably love me because I have maintained the water promise. Even now, as I was not able to drink a nice set of cold water during the day as I normally would, I have settled in front of the computer and have started on my 16oz of water. So it definitely is serving its purpose and helping me to achieve and measure my successes.

It has also helped me to appreciate myself a bit more. The time on the clock speeds by just the same as if I was being “lazy”. The time on the clock still slips through my hands while trying to complete these challenges. However, even before this 30 day challenge I have realised that waking earlier does help to facilitate a little more. This however, depends on the task at hand. For example, irregardless of the hour, letter writing is something that takes up too much of my time. In my previous employment (oh the days when I could feed myself) letter writing was fun, as well as a speedy experience. Conversely, letter writing without the voice of a company can take me some 3 hours longer. Any expert advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

This journey provides excitement and possibility of achieving something this year is great and that is a major incentive. I have so much enthusiasm toward each and every task. For example, Thursday morning I was awake doing my hair. I did not go to sleep until each hair was connected to a two strand twist. This is important to note because prior to this, I came home on Sunday to wash and condition my hair and had did nothing major with it until Wednesday night. On that first night, there were many things I had to finalise. For example, what constituted as a day? Was it 8 hours of effort, was it going to be subject to the 24hour clock or when I went to sleep? Also, was there an intricate system for the one day challenge or would there be more? All these questions entertained me as I kept up with my first challenge; having well grommed hair.

As time goes by I hope to gain more participation from those who I chose for my circle. So far, I am enjoying proposing and receiving challenges from others as well as the stories I am hearing from others about the challenges they are considering from other persons.

Overall these challenges have made my life a bit more structured. I welcome the structure. It could be a key element that I gain from having a paid job (aside from financial independence) that are missing from my life. More on that later.

Till my next journal entry. I wish you health and a positive mind.

October 31 does not scare me.

Today is the last day of October. This means that my 30 day challenge starts tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday I had a few days before having to drink a glass of water every day and embark on doing things that I could potentially fail at, but I am still excited about taking the challenge. For those of you who are embarking on your challenges also, I wish you the best of luck!

The one thing I will take with me into the next thirty days is the lesson I have learnt over the past two weeks; that is the lesson of perspective. For many months there have been elements of my life that have not been the best and I have often been upset over things that are happening in my life. It is fair to say that no one feels good when their life does not go according to plan. However, it is the way we take our lessons that can propel us into shaping a better path for the rest of our lives.  It has taken me a while to realise two life truths which are a bit contrary to ordinary belief. The first, is that my life is dependant on how I choose to see it. The second is that the weirdest way actually works for me.

People have always said life is what you make it however, they have just been horrible at communicating this truth. Your perception of a situation can cause you to act or not act to affect life after that situation. I think this is one of the things that cause me not to gain the change I want in my life. So for example, if I grumble about doing my hair (which I have been for the past three days) then it will never be done. However, should I feel the need to leave home tomorrow, I am sure it will be done by tonight.

I understand that I am quite the unique individual. The things that propel shape and motivate me are so much different than everybody else. This is why my reasoning is sometimes not in line with ordinary thought (for example, why I volunteer). However, one of my thirty day challenges is to accept that this is the way I am motivated and inspired and so I will continue to do what I should be doing – me!

Challenge list ideas

Many persons love the idea of a 30 day challenge but cannot find something in their personal life to improve. The solution to finding a challenge should be simple, what change would you like to see in your life? What habit have you failed at implementing in the past? Remember that these challenges can be potential habits or something spontaneous that you can say: this was a problem, but I did it!

Short term goals

Meeting your Garbage Collectors

Last week I went out (pj’s around 12 noon and all) to meet my garbage collectors. I felt it was necessary cause our bim look quiet unkept and I just had to apologise for it. I think it is important to make persons who do their job feel as though the community appreciates them.

Tell 10 Friends What you like about them

Sending a letter of appreciation to one utility company

Oh we all know the bad stories but how often do we switch utilities because of this ‘poor service?” This means that, regardless of the inconvenience caused, they are still necessary. Still can’t think of anything nice? Remember how you felt before the service.

Visiting one place of interest

It is easy to think about the money involved in visiting a place of interest. The reason for this is that many persons think about museums and other institutions that charge a fee for entry. However, have you ever been to an art gallery? They charge nothing for you to enter and usually have an ongoing exhibition. Places of interest also include popular monuments and areas.

Here are some Barbadian Examples:


The free monument, Rock Hall, St. Thomas

Farley Hill National Park

Harry Smith ruins

A beach you have never been to!


Repair a friendship

You have a friendship that is not as active for many different reasons. That is ok. However, the challenge is now to evaluate what works, what will work and act on it.

Read the private policy or Terms and Conditions of your email provider or one website you frequent

There are many websites who now have user friendly contracts. It now means that you have very little excuse to not know what you are getting yourself into.

Do one nice thing for someone else

Logistically speaking (money, time, heart) some of us do not have the capacity to do this everyday – and that’s ok! Making the effort once can make a big difference in the live of someone else and that, is the purpose of doing it.

Going to church – at least once in the 30 days

Not trying to change beliefs but for those who do believe in religion, a great challenge to set into gear would be attending a church service

Making time for friends, help one with their hobby

How many times you half heartedly promised to go to someone’s sports game or he watch them at their craft? Maybe you have someone in your life that always talks about their hobby but you understand what they really do?

Habit forming list of challenges

Confronting fears (a small number of them)

 Learn something new each day (Google, the telephone, visit the library or vocab of a foreign language, one new poem a day, the geography of the Caribbean)

Find out the things you cannot do without (No facebook? Reduced time on these things?)

One chore of cleaning

Make a note of your day

Finding (a number) of things to be thankful for.

Making a small step to your new career.

You can do the same thing when suggesting for the friends in your circle.

What are their passions?

What would I like to see them doing? (N.B asking someone to give up chocolate or drinking coke might be a good idea but is more likely to be reject by yours truly).

Last Chance Lime 041 (Noooooooooo)

Which lesser talent should they work on? In What way could they get started?

Encourage healthy discussions with your friends as you get to learn each other and find your own path to success.

Write me soon.

Good luck!

The Thirty Day Challenge

Inspired by Matt Cutt’s famous TEDtalk, I am taking up the challenge of trying something new for 30 days. Being the creative person that I am, I have also decided to shape this challenge in a way that will maximise my learning experience. Should I not be able to accomplish every single task, I do not want to become frustrated and bitter over my efforts.  I will use this time to explore myself push my limits as well as creating an activity that I can share with my friends.

There are many benefits to this. Creating a circle lets each person undertaking the challenges have a network of people to talk to about these activities. It can inspire as well as open communication lines. In essence, it is creating relevant communication lines while showcasing individuality promoting social and personal growth. Another great thing about this challenge is that there is less room to compare. Each individual has a different set of challenges and so it becomes harder to automatically compare yourself to someone who has a different set of tasks ahead of them. It truly promotes the spirit of individuality while creating a positive network can showcase the true spirit of humanity.

My 30 day challenge begins on November 1st 2012 and ends on November 30th 2012. In this way, I will not only celebrate Barbados’ Independance but as a daughter of the soil I can feel proud of my efforts to be a better person and by extension a better citizen.

My Challenges??

So I will start by defining the change I want to see in my life. There are many. I am even unsure how many I should choose. However, being mindful that I also have challenge proposals from my friends to consider I will choose five

The easier said than done

The simplest but hardest of the challenges I will face is drinking a glass of water. Almost all my life I have detested the taste of water and it is a struggle for me. Medical professionals have explained the health benefits and tried to scare me into drinking it, my parents have used every method to inculcate a spirit of drinking water and yet, I hate it.

DSCN4046 ...Hate it.IMG_2120

Publicly sharing my experience

Blogging about my experience will be a challenge. I am, most times cordial and friendly to those who I don’t know and those who do know me would say I’m talkative but only those closest to me realise I hate to share.

A lime wid poetry 046

One thing I did not know before today

I place a high value to knowledge. Something new is never boring and I am never ashamed to ask. However, most times I stumble upon it and most times compiling the information is not something I do not like to do unless being in an official capacity to do so. Blogging the experience will also be one that I am sharing not only will I be able to document my experience but I think this aspect could make a great discussion piece for my friends since they have a wide variety of interests and skill sets.


In this sphere I have three things I want to accomplish. I have a pile of dirty clothes and a lot next door overrun with grass. By November 30th I will have neither of these in my life.

IMG_2823Recently, I undertook the natural hair journey. It has been a year since I have been natural with the growth comes a challenge. The thrill of going natural is gone and my hair is becoming more difficult to deal with. A challenge I will undertake is making sure that my hair is always well groomed. (and bowy is that going to be a challenge!)

Doing one new thing.

My previous challenges were simply things that I wanted to in life. However the exciting part comes from doing completely new and enjoying the thrill of a new task. This section will also help me to incorporate the challenges I have from friends. Failing to get a new challenge proposal or one that I will accept (in the spirit of being realistic) I will pull one from my bag! I can’t wait to see the suggestions from those in my circle will suggest to me and how many circle


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